How Computers Have Revolutionized the Production Line

It was not long ago that a production line was entirely controlled by humans. Even with the advent of mechanization, each production line required a person to constantly check that each stage was being completed within the required time limits to allow the line to progress as planned. Any delays or holdups in one part of the line would result in the line manager having to momentarily halt the entire line.

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How is Technology Evolving the Home?

Just four decades ago, the technology in the average person’s home extended no further than a television set, a radio, a record player, and a few simple kitchen appliances. Now, it’s so much a part of the domestic environment that it’s reshaping the way we live. We may not have the jet packs and flying cars that TV science fiction promised us, but a subtler change has taken place and its impact has been profound.

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6 Tools to Stay in Touch with Design Clients when Travelling

Whether you’re a freelance designer, work with international clients, or simply travel a lot, you probably already know the importance of staying connected on the road. When travelling to remote areas, you can lose your service, not to mention contend with the high cost of roaming charges. When you’re travelling but still need to get in touch with clients about important projects, it’s worth looking into travel apps and other tools.

iphone 6

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

1. Satellite/GSM Phones

At the moment, a good 80% of the globe has yet to be served by a mobile phone network. If you’re travelling to more remote destinations and still need to be in touch with clients, one of the first options is to rent a satellite phone from providers like Iridium or Globalstar. Another option is to opt for a cell phone that’s configured for the GSM network with Nokia Networks or other providers, which is used in most countries. There are also combination satellite/GSM phones to cover both in-network and remote regions.

2. Google Hangouts

In addition to making physical phone calls, you can stay connected with clients using social tools like Google Hangouts, an app tied to Google Plus. This allows you to make voice or video calls to other users. You can conduct conference calls and video chats, making it an easy way to get together for a virtual meeting with all the members of your team when you’re abroad. If you’ve been working on the road, you can present your portfolio or design ideas and even stream a live broadcast from your business’s website.

3. Skype

Skype functions similarly to Google Hangouts, providing the capability for online meetings and video conference. For calls to other Skype users within the network, the service is free. If you work with a high volume of international clients, it’s probably cheaper to use Skype than any international calling plan.

4. MailChimp

Do you need to send newsletters, invites, or email marketing campaigns while you’re away? You can take care of this easily using the MailChimp app, which integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics so that you can track just how successful your campaigns are. Your network of followers might want updates from the road, and you can send emails with links to your latest work to up to 2,000 subscribers at no charge.

5. Evernote

There’s nothing like travel to open up the mind, and many design professionals find that they have their best ideas on the train or while hiking up a mountain. Avoid losing those sparks of inspiration by downloading the Evernote app, which lets you jot down your ideas in an organized fashion. What distinguishes it from a good, old-fashioned notebook is the fact that you can also clip web articles, capture photos, and save handwritten notes in one place.

6. TweetDeck

Social media provides an invaluable form of networking for designers, but it can be a real pain to sign in to each account individually when you’re pressed for time. Apps like TweetDeck allow you to update several accounts all at once, while viewing them from a single platform. This cuts down your time for social media maintenance and allows you to give clients and followers quick updates on the fly.

Although sometimes you just want a vacation free from contact with clients, there are other times when it’s vital to stay connected. These tools will help you stay organized and in touch no matter the distance.

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How To Print High-Quality Photos

print high quality images

Long-gone are the days you had to send away your negatives and wait several weeks for your photos to be printed. These days, there are plenty of printers available on the market that can bring your camera’s memory card to life in a few minutes.

Some are better than others of course, and there are ways in which you can improve the quality.

Take a look at these tips to help your printed photos look the best they can with high-quality home printing.

Use ink instead of laser

Laser printers are great in the right capacity. For instance, in an office environment where quantity is more important than quality and copies of documents and contracts are printed liberally. For high-quality photo printing, you must look at inkjet printers or even a dedicated photo printer.

Most inkjet printers will be able to produce a good quality print of a photograph if you use the right settings. It will take longer to print but the results are worth it.

Look for 48-bit colour support in a printer to produce higher quality photos. You’re best off looking for this from a specialist ink retailer, such as Phoenix Direct.

Test direct printing

Many printers offer the chance to print directly from the camera or the SD card, which might be worth considering if you intend to send a lot of images to print. Without the need for a computer program to act as the middle-man, you can sometimes get better quality direct from SD or memory too.

Do not just use this option because it is convenient, though. Test print the same photo both ways and you will be able to see which one is better for you. Some people like to adjust the quality of their photos before printing – adding more shading or brightening the contrast – so you’ll need to consider whether this applies to you.

Take as large a photo as you can

Camera SD cards are affordable these days and you should always have some spares to hand. Photos with higher resolution and plenty of megapixels will take up more space on your memory card but will yield better results when it comes to printing.

It is unlikely that you will have the capability at home to print a full 4608 x 3456 image, for example, but the higher the resolution when you take the snap means it’ll have better quality when compressed on paper. Remember, large photographs can always be scaled down, but expanding smaller photos to fit a bigger space can cause the image to distort and not offer the best quality.

Don’t go overboard with editing

Photoshop is a fantastic tool to help with your photography, but there is such a thing as overkill. The key thing to remember here is that photos, when printed, usually look slightly different to how they appear on screen. The screen might make it brighter or darker to the printed article so get to know your printer and adjust settings accordingly to get the best result.

If there is a photo you want looking its absolute best, you need to adjust the settings of your printer and adapt the image to strike a good balance. A little trial-and-error may be needed at the beginning but after this it will just be a case of selecting the right settings and pressing print!


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25 Creative and Funny Photo Manipulation Examples

Photoshop is a magical tool and the photo manipulation is a magical art. Photo manipulations are fun to create, it helps to create your imaginations by mixing photos in a funny and creative way. If you google “photo manipulation” you will find some amazing examples but I am going to add some more photos in this collection just for you.

All images that are featured in this article are the property of the real authors and 92pixels is featuring these images just for the inspiration for readers. So enjoy the amazing collection of funny and creative photo manipulation.

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photo-manipulation funny

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How to Benefit from an Online Shopping Cart

The internet has become one of the most preferred platforms for business transactions. Every current business owner strives to have a reliable online store where customers can find their preferred products and services.

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60 Free High Quality Decorative Corner Photoshop Brushes Sets

Photoshop brush tool is without a doubt one of the most essential and time saving tool for designers. With only a few click or even only one click can totally change the overall look of your design.

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40 iPhone 5 PSD Mockups for Web Designers

Today we are sharing an amazing collection of iPhone 5 mockup templates for designers. You can use it to present your UI design in a better way.

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How to Sell Your Digital Art Online

Selling your digital artwork online can be difficult at first. This is because traditional sellers often have the keywords and search terms to generate more traffic.

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The Best In London Based Office Design


It may be hard to believe, but your office place and your workspace both play an important role in your day to day life and that of the business world. If you pack your employees into an unsightly, badly spaced, morale sapping office environment, you’ll simply stifle their desire to work. They should be inspired and look forward to heading into a stress-free work atmosphere each and every morning.

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