How Authentic Videos Can Help Build a Brand Identity for a Business


Video is a powerful tool, and arguably is the most potent form of content for businesses today. While many businesses use it for marketing or even informative purposes – the right kind of videos can also play a vital role in forging and building a strong brand identity for the business.

Why Authenticity is Important

When it comes to building a brand identity, there is one key element that should never be overlooked: Authenticity. The fact of the matter is that overly-promotional videos that attempt to outright ‘sell’ the brand identity are going to come across looking like advertisements, and end up less effective as a result.

On the other hand ‘authentic’ videos that are more subtle in the manner in which they promote a brand identity can reach and engage a far greater amount of viewers. In some cases these videos may not even actively promote the brand identity at all, but instead showcase it throughout their video in some form or other.

Types of Authentic Videos that Build Brand Identity

Although at first it may seem as if these videos have a limited scope, the fact is there are numerous types of authentic videos that can be used to build brand identity, such as:

  • Customer testimonials that offer direct proof of the brand’s values.
  • Behind-the-scenes videos that showcase the business and its inner workings.
  • Bloopers that provide funny scenes involving the brand.
  • Case studies that look into some aspect of the brand’s culture, or the products and services that it offers.

The key with all these videos is that they need to feel as ‘authentic’ as possible. While that doesn’t mean that they should be entirely off-the-cuff or unscripted, it does help if they feel less contrived and more natural instead.

Keep in mind that every video (and any other content) that carries your business’s brand will contribute to its identity in some way or other. In fact it can help to have some elements of authenticity in your marketing and informative videos too, as they will reflect upon your brand and its values.

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