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Aspects of iphone 5 : Let the world be in your pocket


After a long term of speculation and rumors, Apple Inc has revealed faster, thinner iPhone 5 in their secret San Jose theatre in front of awestruck global consultations. This device will be available in the Middle East market on 28th September and it has a longer panoramic screen of 4inches at a ratio of 16:9 and also it has a color saturation of 44%. So it means it has various advanced and new features than the existing ones.

According to the leaked images and handset, this iPhone 5 is made of a single aluminum body but in the leaked version it is not clear that the new iPhone has a single layer screen along with slimmer frame and less weight.

Vice President of Apple inc. has claimed that this device is the world’s thinnest device having a width of only 7.6mm and it is also 18% skinner that 4S. The light weight body reduces its weight to 3.95 ounces which means there is a reduction of 20% weight.

A6 processor of Apple at the core of iPhone 5’s power

With the help of various new features and arrays of tweaks, the iPhone goes with the way of forerunner of its own. The CUP of iPhone 5 has double speed than the previous versions. Also it has double power of graphics speed processing. This provides higher speed for loading web pages and applications. This also provides a strong gaming power to this gadget also provides an opportunity to developers for becoming more ambitious.

New iPhone 5 camera possess 8MP camera, enhanced video

If you are a user of iPhone 5 then you can take benefit of best camera and video maker of the world. This is because the camera of iPhone 5 is having a lens of 5 elements, a sensor of 8 megapixels and an aperture of f/2.4.

Also it contains dynamic modes of low light and a hybrid infrared filter shielded with a sapphire crystal. It is also scratch proof so you can use this gadget for a long time.

Apart from hardware, the new panorama mode of iPhone 5 allows user to capture vistas of wider range and without the use of technology of clunky stitching. Like previous models this gadgets has full HD support at 1080p and also has better face detection and image stabilization which is also useful for video tagging.

Along with all these qualities the device has lots of exciting features mentioned below:

  1. Better performance: Presently we are getting in the realms of gazing of crystal ball but it is very reasonable to expect that the components in iPhone are upgraded for speedy performance. Don’t worries of your RAM get double to 1GB because along with it the quality of processor also gets doubled?
  2. Super fast 4G capabilities: Like the iPad of third generation, the newly launched iPhone is having 4G LTE connectivity which means it has vast browsing speed for compatible networks. This 4G support will be made publically after few weeks of its launch.

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  1. Hickmanclyde says

    Not as good as it seemed two months ago. IPhone 5 is not impressed, although Apple product fans queuing.

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