All Angles Covered: Achieving Those Breathtaking Drone Video Shots


We have all seen those amazing videos that only a drone in expert hands can seemingly produce but with a bit of guidance and practice, there is every chance you could also produce a video that takes everyone’s breath away.

Here are some pointers on how to use your drone to best effect and details of some of the tricks the pros use to increase the production value of their video so that you can replicate those tactics and achieve amazing videos.

Watch the weather

It often pays to keep it simple in certain aspects of your approach to producing great videos with your drone and the most obvious thing to pay close attention to is the weather.

If you remember never to fly your drone in windy conditions that will not only help ensure you capture perfect images when the weather is calmer but it could also prevent your drone from getting damaged during blustery conditions.

You should find that most camera drones are able to cope with a variety of weather conditions to a certain degree but if you show some patience and hold off when it’s windy, your patience should be rewarded.

Think about the lighting

It is worth remembering that many camera drone models can struggle to cope with a high level of contrast so you will need to think about lighting conditions.

Shooting video footage while facing the sun could turn out to be a rookie error and you could end up with a washed out image that not even some excellent post-productions techniques could resolve.

Think about lighting while preparing your video shots and look out for the position of the sun if you don’t want to hamper your chances of creating a great action sequence.

Cover your options

There is a good reason why professional photographers take so many shots during a shoot and you can take that hint by doubling up on your video shots.

If you only take the one video you leave yourself exposed to the prospect of it not turning out quite as well as you had hoped.

The way to cover all your angles is to shoot multiple versions of the chosen footage and that way you have the opportunity to pick and choose the best one when you are putting it all together afterward.

Speed it up

Thrilling car chases in films work because everything is happening at speed and it makes sense to take advantage of the speeds that your drone can get up to so that you can recreate that sense of speed and excitement.

There is little doubt that footage captured in motion adds an extra dimension to your video so copy a winning movie formula and give viewers that real sense of movement with some footage taken at speed.

Plenty of flight time

Finally, a good tip would be to buy a camera drone that offers a decent amount of flight time.

Nothing is more frustrating than to get perfect conditions and the shots you have been waiting only to find that your drone is about to run out of battery.

It can take a bit of practice to become truly competent in shooting videos with your drone but once you have it cracked, the sky’s the limit.

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