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An Interview with Adrian Nita (Azanti)


Today we have another interview of a designer name Adrian, people know him as Azanti. He is really good in his work and he has done some stunning logos. He is really friendly and he like to watch movie and love to enjoy music and drawings.
Read more about him below, you will surely enjoy his interview.

Contact Details:

Name: Adrian Nita – Azanti
Location: Romania – Bucharest

What do you think about yourself?

This is a hard question 🙂
I think about myself that I am a normal person, very friendly … I like to watch movies, listen to music and especially to draw!
It all started when I was about 15, when I drew my first logo. It was a logo for a small bar in my grandfather’s village where I usually spent my holidays. Please do not imagine that I used the technical programs to make the logo … I used paper, pencils, a ruler, and paint to give the final touch:)
The idea is that I always loved to draw and when a friend showed me 99designs, I rediscovered this love. Since then, I work as freelancer most of the day and I love it!
As a freelancer I have met wonderful people who have supported and encouraged me when I was just a beginner! Also, as a freelancer, I met great designers who have helped me to define my style, and before the end of this chapter I want to thank them for all their support!

Whats your achievements in your design field?

I am pleased that I managed to make my customers happy and that I was able to create a visual identity for them.
On the other hand I’m glad that I managed to create a good relationship with my clients and they recommended me further and call me back if they need other work!

About your Experience with design:

Although I like to draw since I can remember … although I created the first logo at the age of 15 years…I gained THE REAL experience two years ago, when after a conversation with someone very close to me, I found 99designs,the website where I began my freelance work.

Do you have a particular process you go through for each design?

When I have a project, the most important is the brief’s!
I read it very carefully, then, if I get feedback, creativity and details are the only required elements for a successful realization of the final product!

How would you describe your style?

I can not tell about myself that I have a certain style… I hate to be limited, so I try to draw everything from very simple lines to very complicated 3D graphics…and last but not least to flowery writing 🙂

How did you get your first job in design and what exactly was it?

As I said before my first project was at the age of 15. The project consisted in creating a logo and from what I can remember I won some good money then 😀

What plans do you have for the future?

I want very much to have my own design agency and on the other hand, I want to start a humanitarian project that I keep thinking for some time. I will let you know!

Your expert areas:

Logos, stationary, biz cards, banners, corporate identity, etc

Your tools of work:

PC platform – Adobe Illustrator , Adobe Photoshop

Who or what is your biggest inspiration for graphic design?

Inspiration comes from every little thing considered carefully!

What advice would you give to other designers?

Learn something new every day and you’ll be recognized among the best!

Want to share anything else?

I share my work and my experience with everybody interested in it; share your knowledge with others and your life will be complete!


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  2. praveen says

    all are cool design, excellent work.

    1. azanti says

      Thank you for you appreciation!

  3. ludibes says

    nice work! and very hi level of presentation 🙂
    keep up!

    1. azanti says

      Thanks for the comment and for your kindness.
      Good luck in your contests.

  4. Terry Biggs says

    Very kool interview. You and I are alike…men of few, but meaningful words. Your work is “impactfull.” Thanks for the logo you did for me…looking forward to collaborating on other projects. Peace!

    1. Arslan says

      Well, Azanti is a good designer and he deserve an interview.

      1. azanti says

        Thanks Arslan for the interview!

      2. azanti says

        …………and also for you kind words!

    2. azanti says

      Hey Terry,

      I am very glad that you’re happy with your logo and can not wait to work together again 😀
      Thanks and good luck in your business 🙂

  5. Edit Farkas says

    The other day I couldn’t read the interview because of the internet connection I have right now 🙂 but I was dieing to do so! Its great that I can read your story … maybe one day you will find out mine 🙂

    I am so proud of you !

    1. azanti says

      Hey Edit!

      I am very glad to see that there are people who appreciate my work.
      I confess that I’m looking forward to the day when I read your story.
      Good luck 🙂

  6. grade says


    1. azanti says

      Hi Grade,

      As I said above, one of the designers from which I learned is you! 🙂
      Good Luck

  7. pmarian says

    Azanti is a really great person. Cheers to azanti and hope for best results in his designing career. 😉

    1. azanti says

      Thanks mate! 😉

    2. Arslan says

      yeah, he is friendly, i use to chat him often on FB

  8. Maka says

    Great interview ! i love the short and too meaningful sentences ! Adrian you rock , my friend ! 🙂
    keep on the brilliant and very inspiring work !
    proud to be your friend!

    1. azanti says

      …you are always so nice!
      Thanks my friend!

    2. Arslan says

      Hay Maka! how about your interview next? Are you ready for it?

      1. azanti says

        So! you are next, huh? 😀

        1. Arslan says

          Yeah, what do you think?

          1. Maka says

            Thanks a lottt ! yeeeeiii 🙂

  9. Julie Christie says

    Good work and good inspirational interview. Thanks

    1. azanti says

      Thanks for your appreciation, Julie!

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