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Alternative Medicine: 5 Unique Ways To Land A Medical Career


Alternative Medicine: 5 Unique Ways To Land A Medical Career

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Going to university and living on campus isn’t the only way to secure yourself a job in the medical industry. If you’re eager to work in healthcare there are plenty of alternative avenues that could be worth pursuing. Here are just a few routes you could consider taking.

Take an online course

It’s possible to take a course online such as an RN to BSN program, which could allow you to work towards a qualification around other commitments such as raising children or doing another job. It could also allow you to pick a course far away and not be limited by location. In some cases, you may still have to visit a campus or hospital to do some hands-on work, but you’ll be able to learn most of the technical knowledge online.

Consider an apprenticeship

There are now apprenticeship schemes coming in for careers such as nursing and hospital clerk work that could allow you to learn on the job. You’ll get a small income whilst you’re learning and will be more guaranteed a job at the end of it. Shop around for apprenticeships to find the ideal one for you


Hospitals are always looking for people to volunteer to run small jobs on reception or take the snacks trolley round wards. You may not be doing hands-on medical work, but you’ll still be in a medical environment and it will show enthusiasm for the field which could help when pursuing a career. There may also be voluntary schemes abroad.

Become a porter

Porters don’t require any medical training – their job is simply to transport things around the hospital. This could include collecting medicine for a doctor, moving equipment into an operating theatre before surgery or helping patients with mobility issues to get around. Whilst it’s not a highly paid job, you are still helping people and working in a medical environment, plus you don’t need any qualifications. Experience as a porter can also be looked upon highly when later applying for a position such a nurse or other hospital staff position.

Take up another non-medical career in a hospital

There are lots of roles in a hospital to be filled – many of which may not require a medical degree (although some of these may require some higher education). Engineers and technicians are needed to jobs such as maintaining machinery, whilst other specialists are needed to create prosthetics for patients. When it comes to admin jobs, there are meanwhile all kinds of roles available. This could include working in billing and coding if you’ve got a head for figures. If you’re organised, there could be a reception job worth taking up in which you can handle patient appointments. It may even be a PR role helping to maintain the hospital’s public image and aiding with marketing. Some of these roles may already fit the experience you’ve got on your CV.

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