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A Look At Web Design Trends For 2014


Every year we can see online businesses coming out with fabulous designs and features. In an effort to make their site more interactive and attractive to visitors they make improvements on older features or replace them with new ones that allow more freedom and interactivity for users.
They make their site as enjoyable as possible for users so that they come back to it again for a purchase.

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2014 is going to see some very interesting site design elements that are sure to engage visitor interest. Here is a look at the top web design trends for 2014 on How Can Design Professional Website:

  1. Sites With Single Pages – Small to medium sized websites are switching over to a single page design rather than having many pages with links connecting to them. This helps to keep visitor interest on the content because it sends out a single message that the brand is a leading provider of the products or services displayed on the page. Furthermore because the content is easy to navigate, visitors can find what they want in a short while.
  2. Flat User Interface – Gone are the grand site designs, rounded corners, and funny objects. What you can see now is a basic site design that focuses a lot on the site’s content so that visitors read up the information offered without being distracted by a lot of imagery. This also helps the site to load quickly which means its content can be accessed by those with a slow connection and even through mobile devices.
  3. Large Type – With the enhancement in screen resolution the size of the font has also increased to make reading easier. Now you can see pages with large headings that quickly communicate an idea. A page with a lot of content has readable font in a large size so that readers can find out information they want without any strain.
  4. Separate Site For Mobile Device – Online businesses are capturing their markets by designing a separate site for mobile device usage. The site is specially designed for people browsing through it with their SmartPhones or Tablets. It offers feature that makes it easy to find information through such devices and motivates a quick buy through easy purchasing features. If you have been searching for a good ecommerce web design inspiration this is the one to opt.
  5. Prallex Scrolling – Websites are including more of Parallax scrolling because of how it can bring a web page to life. In this form of scrolling the background and foreground images as well as the text is animated as you scroll. Visitors take an interest in the images and text and feel like looking into the other pages of your site. Your graphics design ideas work best with this form of scrolling.
  6. Minimal Content And Quality Image – Site designers are focusing on less is more. Hence instead of paragraphs of content you can find them just giving content in a couple of lines with large quality images showing the product its features. The information given is crisp and gets readers interested in the product being displayed. This lets people find out information at a glance and proceed to make a quick purchase.
  7. Responsive Website – With more people making purchases through their mobile devices the emphasis is largely on responsive websites. They have one site that adjusts itself according to the type of device on which it is viewed. This encourages more site traffic and enhances sales figures as the site is now more easily accessible to people. This motivates people to make a quick purchase from their mobile device while on the go.
  8. Interactive Infographics – Infographics are a great way to spread information and when they are interactive people automatically look into them and use them for finding details. Interactive Infographics is going to be used in many websites because they can be manipulated by users allowing them to maximize on the time and energy spent in look at an infographic. This helps them check out exactly the details they want to read about and find what they want faster.

Look into these points and you can be sure of developing an impressive and user-friendly website design that attracts a lot of visitors every day. You can also make use of professional Website Design Templates that have the best features to get good site design ideas or use it to complete site designing faster. Such templates are the best source of dark web design Inspiration 2014 which gives  fantastic design options that are sure to attract customers your way. Having new and innovative elements in your site makes it attractive to visitors and enables them to quickly buy the products they want. This will spread information about it to others which will in turn bring a large volume of visitors to it.

Author Bio
Harendra Kumar is a senior web designer at The SEO Company India and is one of the few in industry to follow latest Web Design Trends Very Closely.

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