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Any app or website that saves me time is going to get my approval, and all of those assembled here today do just that. From saving time while searching for web tools to saving time while sending pictures and videos you’ll get tasks done quicker and be on to other things before you know it. As a busy online professional, creative type or blogger there really is a lot to like here so do yourself a favor and click on a few of the links and start saving time today. Who knows; with so much extra time you may just be able to leave work a few minutes early.

Mighty Deals – Save time and money on the web tools you need most.

As an online professional it can be very tiring wading through a mountain of useless junk just to get to one tool that you need, but that’s usually what you need to do on most ‘deal’ sites. Not on Mighty Deals. They cut through the BS and get right down to business with some of the best software deals on the net. They have WordPress deals and icon deals too, plus many more deals on the web tools you need most. They even have deals on courses. If you’re tired of wasting your time on other site looking for deals you should click on this website and take a look around. I use it all the time.

Best Feature – There are 3; Free membership, Deal of the Day and the Freebies page.

tn3Gallery – Take your WordPress Blog to the next level.

Many people consider WordPress the best blog on the internet, and I’d have to agree with them. tn3Gallery has an excellent plug-in that surprisingly makes it even better. Blogs need to look good and with this program you can do all sorts of things with your pictures and videos that make it stand out from the crowd, like their jquery slideshow function that turns your pictures into a cool slideshow with awesome transitions. The j-query image gallery is excellent also, and the results will make your visitors really stop and take notice. I use this on all of my WordPress blogs now and I highly recommend it.

Best Feature – It’s a fully integrated plug-in and usable right inside from the blog.

Manilla – Keeping track of and managing your bills and a good bit more.

The Manilla app allows you to gather all of the information you need to manage your bills and accounts and display it all in one place that’s available 24/7. Use their automatic reminders to let you know when important bills are almost due, or when rewards points are about to expire. They have an auto-file system that is very helpful and storage on the cloud is free. All of your email bills can also be organized for easy access when you need them and timely reminders. Definitely worth a look if you have trouble with paying bills late.

Best Feature – One password lets you gain access to all of your accounts.

WordPress for iOS – Edit your Blog and stay in contact while you’re on the road.

Without going into too much detail let’s just say this; WordPress on your iPad kicks butt! Easily keep up with, edit and connect with your fans with this excellent app that takes the world’s best blog platform and combines it with the world’s best tablet. It works for the iPhone and iPod too for the ultimate in portability, but honestly I don’t see the use of trying to write blogs and edit pictures on such a small screen. With the iPad it’s great though and something you definitely should do if you use WordPress and have an iPad.

Best Feature – Tap the Geotag icon and your location is viewable to all your readers.

Stay Happy – A positivity app that helps you stay calm and focused.

While this app may not help you get things done any quicker or cheaper it will help you stay calm, focused and, well, happier. In my opinion that’s a good thing no matter who you are or what you do. Built-in meditation exercises help you when your on-the-go as this is an iPhone app so you can take it anywhere. If you’re stressed you may want to give this one a good look.

Best Feature – A ‘guide’ helps you while you’re using the meditation exercises.

Readability – Gets rid of the clutter when you just want the words.

Readability turns any web page into a clean and comfortable reading view. With the Readability app you can save your articles for reading later on your tablet, mobile phone or Amazon Kindle and what you’ll get is a clutter free page without all the distractions. I like the fact that you can access the pages even when you’re offline.

Best Feature – Readability can be built into your website or blog for use by your readers.

Kicksend – Sending photo sets from your iPhone has never been easier.

Sending pictures and videos to friend and family is great but it’s also a real chore. Many phones and even computers get bogged down if they’re too big, forcing you to compress them and lose quality. With Kicksend you have an app that lets you send full-quality pictures to anyone from any device. It’s easy, quick and will keep Grandma and Grandpa happy. If you send a lot of pictures from your phone you need to check this app out. It’s a real time saver.

Best Feature – With your iPhone you can send pictures directly to Walgreens for printing.

  1. Alexander says

    Stay Happy application looks nice. I’ve tried this method some time ago but it take s a little more concentration, not just looking at an image for three seconds and feel happy.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Vectorgab says

    such nice collection of websites, Thanks Vectorgab

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