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8 Online Tools to Help You Create a Design Color Palette


Color management is very important part of your workflow. So we need color scheme to help us to create a wonderful Design. Finding the colors for your project can be hard, sometime mind goes blank and we remain silent in choosing a good color scheme for our design. There are tons of tools for colors and picking out a color palette has never been easier with the wealth of tools and resources available online today. From color swatches to color wheels, this list of tools is sure to make your task easier and get you inspired for your next project.

1- ColoRotate

ColoRotate brings your color selections alive in 3-D form. With ColoRotate you can change your color choices in real time by working with colors separately, blending two colors together, or editing your entire palette choice at once. Like other tools, ColoRotate also features an active community and allows you to browse palettes created by other users and search by a variety of options. After you have created your own palette, you can share it with other users. The 3-D diamond display is rotatable, and the site also features a traditional two dimensional view with sliders.

2- Colourlovers

Colourlovers is a community driven tool for creating colors and palettes. To create a palette, you can use the basic creation tool with the traditional sliders and display, or COPASO, the advanced tool. COPASO uses sliders and a color wheel with different modes that shows you your complimentary colors in a pair, triad, or tetrad. PHOTOCOPA is a tool that lets you upload a photo to share with others or use privately to extract colors from and inspire your own palette.

3- Color Blender

Color Blender features two different modes. In auto match mode you begin with a single color that your palette is built around. You can also select slight variations of your base color which then modifies your palette selection. The second mode is direct edit. This mode allows you to edit your individual color choices. Color Blender will also generate random blends if you need inspiration. Color Blender is a great tool for people looking to create a palette quickly. Although community involvement is not emphasized, you can still browse color blends created by other users.

4- Kuler

Kuler is another community based tool that allows you to search and browse user created palettes and colors or create your own. You can browse themes by highest rated, most popular, newest, and random as well as edit each theme individually. Like other tools, Kuler also features a photo option that extracts colors and palettes based on your photo. Unlike other resources, Kuler is an Adobe product and accessible inside Creative Suite 5, making it convenient if you are a designer using an Adobe product.

5- Pictaculous

Pictaculous is a photo based palette creation tool. You upload a photo and it extracts the colors to form a palette for you. It also features recommendations from Colourlovers and Kuler for palettes based on your photo. The program lets you download the palette as an Adobe swatch to use in your next design as well. Pictaculous is great for designers that just want to create a palette around a photo, because it doesn’t feature many other components.

6- ColorMunki

ColurMunki displays a color grid where you can pick out individual colors and add the individual patch to your palette. You can also select different harmonized palettes. Like most color design tools, you can browse photos and generated palettes by other users. The site also features a search menu where you can search photos and palette designs.

7- I Like Your Colors

I Like Your Colors is a web tool that differs from others on the list. This tool lets you input a website that features a color palette that you like. The featured colors are then extracted from the website’s CSS and HTML. I Like Your Colors does not allow you to create your own palette or modify the extracted colors, but if all you want is to grab the colors from a website then the tool is pretty straightforward.

8- ColorJack

ColorJack displays a set of palettes for you. After selecting a palette, you can edit each individual color with a slider by RGB, hue, saturation and luminance options. You can also see a grid of similar colors. In the discover mode will allow you to search through palettes or filter your search results by color. The create a color feature has the same interface as the palette creator. As a bonus, the color you choose displays on the screen as a background.

Whether you are looking for a way to create a color palette from scratch, design a color set around a photo, or simply want to be inspired by another designer’s color set, these tools can make the process go smoother than picking colors from scratch.

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