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7 Superb WordPress Themes For Writers


WordPress began its life a decade ago as a blogging platform. In the early days, WordPress and its themes put the written word front and center. But, as it evolved into a full-blown content management system and theme designers strove to differentiate themselves from the crowd, themes became ever more cluttered with widgets and clever interfaces that look great and add functionality, but don’t do much to enhance WordPress as a platform for writers.

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In fact, it’s something of a misnomer to label the themes that writers need as “themes for writers”. They are better designated “themes for readers”. It’s the reader that will be making use of the site’s front-end, so when we’re thinking about choosing a site design as writers, we should be looking for themes that provide the very best reading experience without extraneous functionality that will serve only to distract our readers.

As with many things, the design world is cyclical, and the current trend is to move away from frills and back towards flatter and more text-centric designs. This trend is best exemplified by publishing platforms like Medium. And, of course, theme designers are not far behind. In recent months, numerous very high quality reader-focused premium themes have been released. We’d like to highlight the best of them here.

Checkout WordPress Themes For Writers below:

1. Blogify

Blogify is a highly configurable theme that offers a transparent sticky toolbar and sidebar without detracting from the clean and uncluttered display of text.
Blogify_Simple_Flat_Responsive WordPress Blogging Theme WordPress themese

2. The Writer

The writer combines two of today’s prevalent design trends. The home page is a image heavy grid of articles, but the post pages strongly resemble Medium, with typographically beautiful text given pride of place.

3. Raiden

Raiden is another theme that doesn’t skimp on the images, but also provides a smooth and readable display of text that works well with long-form articles.

4. Basic

With this pick we’re moving away from the bolder grid-like layouts and suggesting you take a look at this plainer and more traditionally blog-like design. It’s excellent for a content heavy site, and while it has plenty of scope for displaying images and videos, the focus is firmly on reader experience.

5. Chita

Chita is a boldly-colored full width blog theme. It is based on the Bootstrap framework and offers fully responsive design and support for audio posts.

6. OldCar

OldCar includes a Pinterest-style home page with AJAX-based transitions and integrated support for Google Fonts.

7. Pilcrow

And finally, Pilcrow, which is the most minimalist of the themes we’ve looked at here. It is an elegant theme that makes great use of white space.

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