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7 Creative Conferences Every Creative Should Attend


Creativity is an often undervalued element of business. So much emphasis is put on profit margins, specs and data that it’s easy to forget creativity is what makes a brand unique. It sparks our imaginations and makes us think. Creative ads alone can drive the revenue of a business.

Many of today’s creatives work as solo operations rather than being a part of an in-house team. It makes for a much more flexible schedule, but it also means you miss out on valuable social interaction. Conferences that serve as a meeting of the minds for creative people can help you build a network and come up with ideas for your next project.

Time to take your tech game to the next level and fire up those conference apps! Companies like Double Dutch are helping improve the conference experience with apps that are designed to get attendees amped and organized before big events like the ones below.


For more than two decades, SXSW has been a playground for creative types in virtually every medium. Film, web, music – it’s all covered during this two-week smorgasbord of awesomeness. The conferences are held in downtown Austin, TX, which makes the event that much cooler.

SXSW has is known for being as cool and fun as it is informative. The roster of presenters and speakers get more impressive with each passing year, the exhibits just keep getting bigger and the music keeps getting turned up louder.

Maker Faire

Robotics, art murals, and homemade inventions are just a few things that can show up at a Maker Faire. It’s the premier event for inquisitive DIYers that want to share their discoveries. If this convention doesn’t get your creative juices following, nothing will.

This one can be a little tricky to get to since the locations can change every year. But at least there are plenty of events happening all over the world.

Simply Stylist

Many people don’t take fashion too seriously, but they forget that clothing is a form of personal expression. An entire target market can be described by simply noting the type of shoes they wear.

Fashion is a unique form of design that has to be aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. That blend of practicality and whimsy is celebrated at the Simply Stylist conferences. You can pick up some fashion tips and tap into a creative side you didn’t know you had.


The creativity that goes into people’s costumes is impressive. It’s so good you may forget that you’re there to check out the creative endeavors of writers, artists and filmmakers. Comic-Con is brimming with cool, out-of-the-box creativity. These days even the premieres of films have some element of spectacle beyond the screen. 

Alt Summit

If you consider yourself to be a creative entrepreneur, then Alt Summit is the one conference you don’t want to miss. Just make sure to get your ticket early since the event typically sells out.

Alt, or Altitude, Summit is for people that are already established and seeing success but need to push to the next level. During the four-day event you’ll be a part of small classes where experts teach creative business savvy. In fact, knowledge flow and feedback are a big part of why Alt Summit is considered so noteworthy.

World Domination Summit

The name says it all. World Domination Summit is an annual conference where attendees come to be inspired. They come to see new and creative inventions. But WDS is more than that. It’s a conference that encourages attendees to let their imaginations run wild and have fun.

People from all over the world venture to WDS, which helps to reinforce the idea that there are remarkable people doing remarkable things all over the globe. Attendees are left with renewed focus to take their ideas and make them a reality through action.

Writer’s Digest Annual Conference

Just about everyone has dreamt of writing a book and getting it published someday, which is the primary purpose of the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference. Hopeful, creative writers from around the U.S. gather together in New York City to get insider advice on how to navigate the publishing system and create better stories.

Writing is a creative outlet that also serves as a natural stress reliever. All creative types can benefit from honing their writing skills, even if it doesn’t pay the bills.

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