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6 Reasons You Should Go It Alone


The alarm going off to tell you that there’s yet another day ahead working for someone else. If you find yourself in the situation where you absolutely hate earning money for another person, and want to know whether you could strike out alone in the big bad world of business, then you need to do some thinking!

6 Reasons You Should Go It Alone

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Not everyone is made to be an entrepreneur – and even the most famous entrepreneurs out there probably never imagined they would be in a position of working for themselves. However, if you get that feeling that working for someone else is just nagging at you and bringing you down, then you should think about going it alone. Before you do though, you should always keep an open mind and remember that nearly half of all businesses fail in the first year. That doesn’t mean you should ever not push yourself forward; you never know, it could be a total success. So, before you go it alone full steam ahead, you should absolutely check through our list below of all the reasons why you should.

  1. Passion. Nearly everybody has a passion and if you have enough talent you can be great at what you are passionate about. Don’t doubt yourself even when the competition feels fierce and when you know you’re good at what you do, you can make it a roaring success. Meeting other people with the same passion can help you go a long way to doing well for yourself, so network that passion.
  2. Learning. Business owners learn an awful lot. They learn about the laws and licences they need to continue their business. They learn that consulting trademark attorneys like Xavier Morales is going to make sure that they have the right business name and ensure they’re not copying someone else. Owning a business is a huge learning curve and you don’t ever stop educating yourself as you go.
  3. Independence. Business owners are largely independent people who have to think on their feet – a lot. Running your own company means that the fate of the business is largely solely dependent on you. That can be an awful lot of pressure, but it can also be a blessing.
  4. Motivation. Remember we mentioned the alarm clock buzzing to work for someone else? Well, imagine not having to do that. Working to your own schedule – even though it’ll be busier – is often far more motivating than working for someone else. This motivation can keep you plugging at your dreams to make your company a success.
  5. Capability. Often, people don’t know their own potential and running a company is a great way to learn your capabilities. The passion and fulfilment you get from following your own dreams is magical so jump on the bandwagon and get dreaming!
  6. Fearless. One of the best things about running a business is that you don’t feel fearful of much else. The hardest thing you could do is run a business for yourself and if you can manage that, the world is your oyster.

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