6 Awesome Web App Ideas You Could Start A Business With


There are literally hundreds of ways to make money on the web, and hundreds of ideas around which to build a business.

6 Awesome Web App Ideas You Could Start A Business With


So, by combining the two, you’re all set for success right? Almost. Web apps are incredibly popular, able to help millions of users with everyday tasks, but they usually aren’t an overnight success.

But like any business, with enough hard work and creative spark your company can flourish.

What is a web app and how do I make one?

Well hello there, web app newcomer! You aren’t alone. The internet is so chock-full of wonderful things that it’s impossible to be knowledgeable about all of them.

At a basic, basic level, a web app is the equivalent of a mobile app… just for the web. This app is stored on a distant server, and the user (you) will access it through your browser of choice. Simple!

Pretty much anyone on the planet can design and make a web app. The key thing here is to make sure it’s incredibly responsive. That’ll make or break you!

All it takes is a little coding know-how and a huge, huge amount of patience. For those that lack both, companies that specialize in web development exist to make your job much easier. But first, you’ll need an idea…

Note: some of these apps may or may not already exist. It’s impossible to scout every single one!

  1. Location-based sports

6 Awesome Web App Ideas You Could Start A Business With


Everyone loves sports, and everyone loves having fun. Wouldn’t it be great to build an app that let people do both?

Yes it would! This idea is simple. Users will boot up their web browser, and the app. They’ll then upload a message to a server saying “I want to play basketball in X minutes.” If enough people in their local area do the same thing, the match is on!

This could start a new era of sports teams, and the way sports are organized. As an added bonus, you’ll only get skilled, dedicated athletes using this – the talent potential is very high.

  1. Help users understand code

Code is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Why not build an app that translates people’s code into more digestible language?

This could be done by showing people basic uses of that code, and more complex uses. This app would scan the web for projects involving that particular code, so users can learn on the fly.

  1. The predictions game

6 Awesome Web App Ideas You Could Start A Business With


People love making predictions. Sure, you can go down to the betting shop and gamble on sports, but what about being able to gamble on everything?

This app could start a brand new culture. The concept is simple. Users upload a prediction – about anything. It could be a war happening in ten years, or a TV show being cancelled.

If other users like the prediction, they can invest any amount of money in it. If the prediction comes true, this money is split evenly between the person who made it, and the investors! Plus, a cut of that money would go in your business’s back pocket.

  1. Recipe generator

For those on a strict diet, this could prove invaluable. Imagine being able to enter some ingredients or nutritional values into a form, and have recipes handed to you? Users could enter specific amounts of fat, protein and carbs to find meals tailor-made for them.

Other users could upload recipes based on their own requirements, creating a pool of resources. Sorry if this made you hungry!

  1. Food alternatives

6 Awesome Web App Ideas You Could Start A Business With


Sticking with food, how about an app that lists healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods? For example, I could enter ‘biscuits’ and be handed a list of healthy products that are most similar. This could help people control their hunger and make healthier choices.

  1. A job hub

The job hunt is incredibly tedious – any working professional will tell you that. One of the main reasons why it’s bad is the number of sites you must visit. LinkedIn, Reed and many others are all great resources, but it’s a pain to work between them all.

So, how about an app that removes this struggle? With the click of a button, you could upload your CV to all the major job sites, and update your profiles on them too. This app could even bring jobs from all these major sites back to the app, so all your opportunities will be in one place. Result!

And that’s your list! If, by some crazy happenstance, one of these apps manages to hit it big, you read it here first. And, if you’d like to come back and give me credit, just drop a comment in the form below!

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