5 Ways To Up Your Paycheque


5 Ways To Up Your Paycheque

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Almost half of Americans believe they should be getting paid more. Asking for a payrise is the obvious option, but what other solutions are there other than finding another job? Here are just a few.

Up your hours

Taking on more hours is the most straightforward method of getting paid more. Compulsory overtime pay is thought to become a thing of the near future, meaning that anyone working beyond their weekly rota has to be paid for it. It’s likely some employers will put in measures to prevent employees working overtime in order to cover costs. Working overtime regularly is also not recommended as it can encourage an unhealthy work/life balance and in most cases reduces productivity.

Take on more responsibility

An employer may be able to justify raising your pay if you’re taking on more responsibility. This may involve literally be promoted and climbing the corporate ladder, or it may come without a new title and simply involve you taking on a greater workload or managing someone else’s work. When approaching your boss you may be able to use the fact that you’ve taken on more work to negotiate a greater salary.

Broaden your skillset

By diversifying your skillset, you may be able to earn more. This could involve training up in a new skill within the company, or learning a new skill outside of the company. There are workshops and short training courses that can help you to learn new skills such as SEO, analytics, coding or Photoshop. Learning these skills may allow you to take on other roles, or even better, create you own role. Believe it or not, but you can also fit full time education around a job now thanks to virtual courses. There are top online masters degrees out there that could allow you to add to a pre-existing diploma. In fact, if you’re committed enough, you could take on a whole new degree online.

Locate the demand

Where the demand is, the money follows. Identifying this demand and tapping into it could be your route to earning more money. If you work in a company in which there are a multitude of roles, consider moving to a role that’s more desperately needed – this will likely be more well paid. Learn the necessary skills to deal with this role and take the jump.

Become your own boss

Perhaps this company isn’t for you. Perhaps you could do the same thing yourself and earn more money as a result. Going self-employed is a huge step and in many ways a huge risk. Most start-up businesses fold within a year. However, if you are successful, you’ll reap the benefits, as well as being able to enjoy added bonuses such as choosing your own hours, choosing where you work, who you work with and the rate at which it’s charged.

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