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5 Best Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop


Photoshop has been a good and popular photo editing software since long and still dominate in the image editing world. This has made symbolic to the number of editing things you carry using the software. Though it carries a number of features but at the times you may not need them all and the other downside of this software is its quite bulky and expensive solution to carry out the editing tasks. These factors can discourage you to choose Photoshop and go for certain substitutes.

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The fact is you can find a number of alternatives to this software, which is compatible to a number of operating systems that are available in the markets. These substitutes of Photoshop can be a perfect solution for all who simply want to edit pictures and does not require advance level things. Hence you can call these as one of the vital options for the startups and novices who cannot just afford to buy high end products like Photoshop especially when their requirements are limited. Now, let’s check the best five alternatives to this software called Photoshop as under:

1). Pixlr


One of the popular Photoshop alternatives is Pixlr, which can help you in editing different images and the good news is it comes for free. You can get to see 600 effects that even helps in things like borders and overlays, along with the tasks like resizing, cropping, removing the colored eye and even the whitening teeth. The interface of Pixlr is very much similar to Photoshop; hence if you are accustomed of using it then settling down to the new software is an easy thing to settle down. Apart from using over your PC or laptop with usual operating systems it can even be used over the Android and iOS based devices.

2). Serif PhotoPlus X6

Photo Plus x6
Another important substitute to Photoshop is PhotoPlus X6. It is even considered as the direct competitor to Photoshop, which carry a number of features at not much higher prices as well. It is a perfect solution for platforms like Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and is available at the cost of around 90 dollars. This tool is termed as a tricky thing for the beginners but with practice you can get an edge over it. Using PhotoPlus X6, you can definitely embark with quality work and cost wise speaking it is fairly reasonable as compared to its rival Photoshop.

3). Acorn  

Another worthy substitute of Photoshop is Acorn, which has given the artists and hobbyists the affordable and effective photo editing solutions. A number of features of Acorn include adding non destructive filters, layer styles, levels, curves along with things like blending modes and several other things. Its latest version called the Acorn 4 has several important features like enhance level speed; improve user interface and many more things. One of the liked features is the interface for the chain filters, which helps in getting unique and incredible effects in the images. You can save and change the filters once you have reopened your image in Acorn. It is compatible to Mac based devices and is available at 50 dollars.

4). GIMP


Another vital Photoshop’s alternative is GIMP, which is the open source software. GIMP is an abbreviation of GNU Image Manipulation Program, which is compatible to devices running on Windows, Mac and Linux. Though its interface is dissimilar to Photoshop but it carried certain look and feel of another software including Adobe, which makes things simple for you. One of the striking feature is it comes for free, which means without any investment you can enjoy working on a free of cost photo editing software, which is as powerful as the Photoshop.

5). Aperture

aperture apple
If you are a photographer by profession then Aperture is the best bet for you instead of going with Photoshop. Though it may lack certain features found in Photoshop yet overall it carries a number of other important elements that can help you a lot in your photography tasks. It comes with a number of novel adjustments and improvement tools, which helps you in refining the images including the Auto White Balance that employs skin tones in order to correct certain color casts. The professional Auto Enhance feature gives you the effects of Vibrancy, Exposure and Curves along with other things in just one click.  Aperture also includes an array of brushes meant for painting the image adjustments over the images and several number of ready to use professional photo effects. It is compatible with the operating system Mac and can be found in the market at a cost of around 80 dollars.

Final word

In this way, you now have so many alternatives to Photoshop for your photo editing jobs. These may lag behind in some ways but at the same time can suffice all your editing tasks, so keep on trying them and enjoy your photo editing projects.

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    Hey Blogger, There is no alternative of Adobe Photoshop. These tools are child of Photoshop.

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