4 Tips to Boost Traffic and Conversions from Videos


Video is often bandied as the ‘holy grail’ of content based on how effective it is at driving traffic, and improve conversions. However it would be a mistake to assume that happens by magic, as in order to tap into the potential of videos you need to make sure you’re taking the right steps.

4 Tips to Boost Traffic and Conversions from Videos

While there are numerous areas in which you could probably improve your videos, here are 4 tips that will provide you with some remarkable results:

  • Focus on the SEO in the title and description

When you’re publishing your video on YouTube and other platforms, the title and description that you use needs to be optimized for search engines. A good chunk of the viewers that you get are going to come from Google and its cohorts, so by finding out the keywords your audience is using and targeting them you’ll expand the traffic that you’re able to obtain.

  • Place a call to action along with a link in your description

In order to channel traffic from videos on YouTube to your website you’ll need to include a link – and normally the best place to put one is in the description, alongside a strong call to action that tells people why they should click on it. If your description is long, try to make sure the link appears ‘above the fold’, so that viewers don’t need to click on a ‘More info’ button (or something similar) before it appears.

  • Remember not all videos are sales-oriented

A common mistake in videos is to make them too sales-oriented – which can drive away potential buyers. For example, how-to videos should focus on being instructional, and can channel videos to your website where you can then convince them to make a purchase.

  • Add transcripts or subtitles to your videos

One nice feature in YouTube is the ability to add transcripts that will appear as subtitles in your video. Having these transcripts will be helpful to some viewers who may not be able to make out what is being said in the voiceover. On other platforms that don’t support transcripts you can achieve the same result by adding subtitles directly to your videos.

Assuming you follow these tips you should be able to improve the traffic and conversions of your videos by leaps and bounds. If you’re stuck trying to create videos however, a good place to start would be by using Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac to come up with a simple yet professional-looking video.

Essentially Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac is a screen recorder for Mac that will let you record video footage from your screen. That makes it perfect for creating how-to videos and tutorials, and on top of that it also has numerous editing features too. If you spend just a few minutes experimenting with its features, you’ll be able to trim out unwanted footage, improve the video quality, insert customizable text, add background music, insert animated transitions, and much more.

Simply put Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac will let you create videos that are perfect to help drive traffic and boost conversions. Because of how user-friendly it is you don’t need to have any experience and can just jump in and start creating videos as soon as you want to.

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