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10 Ingenious Ways to Use the Space Under Your Bed


Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom and you must find a mattress with the most comfort. When purchasing a new bed, you need to read through reviews to make sure you find something you’ll enjoy, and the Spindle mattress is nearly perfect. You will then need to consider a bed frame that allows you to utilize the space under the bed. There is never enough storage space in your home so you need to take every opportunity to fill space. Here are the best ways to use the space under your bed.


Storage is the absolute best use of the space under your bed. This allows you to free up closet space and store things you don’t often need.

10 Ingenious Ways to Use the Space Under Your Bed

Electric Bed Risers

Electric bed risers are a 21st-century invention that serves multiple purposes. The risers lift the bed several inches off the ground, and electric risers have plug-ins that can be used to charge your phone at night or creates an access point that is blocked by the bed.    

Rolling Drawers

Placing rolling drawers under your bed can function as a dresser. If you don’t have a large array of clothing this can free up extra space by allowing you to remove the dresser from the room.  

Shoe Rack

Many people have a vast shoe collection that spills all around your bedroom. You can buy a shoe rack with compartments to keep your shoes in one place and you can easily slide it under the bed.

Vacuum Sealed Items

Many people have large piles of clothes that they never wear. You can place these clothes in vacuum sealed bags to compress them and take up less space. This will save you endless space in your closet!


This one is for book lovers! You can easily install a bookshelf under the bed. All you need to do is screw a few pieces of wood into the frame to make a back wall for the books to press against. Then you can install dividers as you see fit. Why get out of bed to find a good book?

Spare Mattress

Many people have kids who love to have sleepovers with their friends. You can use the space under the bed to store a spare mattress for their friends to sleep on. No need to have friends crash on the couch when there is a spare mattress lying around.


Gun Safe

Many people own guns that they like to have close to them in case of emergencies. Under your bed is a perfect place to store your handgun that is out of sight.  

Board Games

Board games take up a surprising amount of space but they come in easily stackable boxes that slide perfectly under your bed. You can place a basket under the bed to keep them all together.  

Pet Playground

Small pets love to lounge under beds and this is the perfect place for a pet playground. Install several small boxes duct taped together to create an obstacle course for your favorite four-legged friends.

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