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10 Excellent Landing Page Design Examples


Landing Page plays the vital role in terms of optimizing conversion rate and maintaining good relation among the visitors. Landing page can be any page; it can either be the home page or products description page or service page. That is directed through the search engine, ad or email campaign. So, designing the landing page means, you should add every detail in that page that visitors have expected, while directing.

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Having a good landing page can allure the user and also lead Call to Action. This may be registering for the service, downloading service or any service that improvises the conversion rate and adds profit to the webmaster. To make you more clear about the landing page design, here this blog presents top 10 websites that have superbly deployed landing page. This will surely inspire you with smart ideas and also encourage deploying more pleasing design.

Let’s see the best presented Landing Page:



SQUARESPACE has brilliantly presented every landing page with horizontal scrolling. Here, all the pages are labeled effectively with perfect call to action feature. When anybody direct to the page then, he/she will surely understand what and how to get start the project.



GiftRocket has deployed the landing page very smartly. Here, all the important points are mentioned perfectly on the landing page, it has integrated the superb call to action button that is “Send a GiftRocket”. This will direct the visitor straightly to the booking page for the gift. In this way, it optimizes the conversion rate.



CSSChopper has landed with effective landing page. The header part of the site is deployed with amazing call to action functionality like “Order Now” navigation. User when visits the site can easily go to order the project or if wants to know the details, then can read the service detail that is mentioned at middle part.



Square has placed the best shining example of landing page. It proposes user to get subscribe for free card reader through “Get Free Card Reader” button at the header page. Here, the email subscription page takes no more time. It is very simple to use. In short, the Square has amazingly implicated Call to Action feature with superb microcopy.

No-refresh comes with superb iconic option at the header page. There is “Try This Now” button in the extreme right of the header. That will surely pull user towards clicking and gets directed to the demo page and contact page. It is really an innovative technique that causes Call to Actions.

Bear CSS


Bear CSS has come with the best microcopy, illustrations and amazing Call to Action button that is “Upload HTML”. In the landing page, you can see instructions guide with the upload button. So, visitors can understand the site functionality and can ultimately get the CSS file in the end by just clicking Upload HTML button.

Tiny Letter


Tiny Letter has demonstrated the simple layout with using two side colors. This design ensures the visitors to spot the Sign up button and Play button (in the middle) easily. The beautiful and strong tag line also helps user to understand. When the user clicks the play button, it will start demonstrating “how it works information” and ends with call to action.



Pinterest has superbly implicated the simple “Sign Up” button with superb heading tag. It has amazingly designed its landing page to sell itself. This whole page has smartly handles the Call to Action features.



Hipstamatic has cleverly imposed the site with superb design that engage user to get in and browse more. The smartly implicated horizontal scrolling influence Call to Action  and impart info about the specific features that this organization provides.



In Apple, at the landing page the new releases product is showcased with its features. The amazing scrolling effects and the smart header collectively add to influence new visitor to get inside the site and explore some more information.


Hopefully, you get the idea about landing page, what is landing page, how it should be effectively utilized for optimizing the conversion rate and adds more benefits. Landing Page should be implemented with every desired detail that is briefly shown at ad or email campaign. Remember, if you do not implement landing page effectively, then this decimate reputation of your site.

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David Meyer is a well experienced web developer working at CSSChopper the world’s leading web development industry. He has also presented numerous blog that collaborates to deliver a superb knowledge about trending web techniques.

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